Read a person like a book

Use personality insights to be more successful in your everyday work.

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How Selly helps

Thanks to AI, Selly analyzes any text to
get insights on the most effective way to
interact with your contacts.

Hightlight any text in the Internet

Start by hightlight any text in email, an article, a post or whatever you want.

   We really take care of your privacy
Selly won't (nor now or ever!) store your
highlighted text.


Instantly detect a person's personality from their text

Let Selly do her magic by analyzing the text from one of your prospects, clients, job candidates or teammates.

  • Understand people personality
  • Know what should be said
  • Learn what to avoid saying

Keep your contacts at your fingertips

Save your contact's personality to be always at hand in your everyday work

Selly is helping professionals
like you to achieve their goals.

  • Make a decison
  • Present your project
  • Do an interview
  • Handle a diffcult boss
  • Negotiate with a client
  • Get better at your job
  • Write an email
  • Sell your product
  • Hire a candidate
Success is a
matter of words.